The edge of a grain field against a body of water, the sun shimmering on its surface.

Farmers & Millers

Our commitment

We’re committed to sourcing organic grains from local farmers and millers in the Northeast in order to support our regional grain economy. We believe that together, we can all create a more sustainable, resilient, decentralized food system. One that prioritizes nutrition, biodiversity, and soil health, while empowering local communities. 

Our farm partners grow exceptional quality grains using organic and sustainable practices.

No pesticides. No herbicides. No synthetic fertilizers.

Instead they use holistic crop rotations to manage pests and disease, and beneficial cover crops to provide nutrients and organic matter to the soil. This is a form of agriculture and land stewardship promotes biodiversity, improves the wellbeing of local ecosystems, and builds healthy soil.

A man standing in a field of grain next to an old stone barn.



Oeschner Farms

Dan Gladstone, DG Farms, Enfield

Bob Munson, Running Creek Farms, Groton

Rodney Graham, Oxbow Farm, Hunt

Dan Conable, Eagle Bay

Larry Moore, Lansing

Peter and Hanna Martens' Farm, Penn Yan

Andrew Dygert, Trumansburg

John Myer, Myer Farm, Ovid

Whole Grain Berries. We source ancient and heritage whole grains from local farmers and millers, and use a traditional sourdough fermentation to activate the grains.


Farmer Ground Flour - Trumansburg, NY

Founded by organic farmer Thor Oschener, and millers, Greg Russo and Neal Johnston, Farmer Ground Flour produces 100% organic stone ground flour. Using a series of pink granite millstones, FGF produces flour with remarkable flavor and nutrition d made exclusively from New York State grains. 

Champlain Valley Milling - Willsboro, NY

Champlain Valley Milling is a family-owned and operated mill since 1985 that sits along Lake Champlain in Wellsboro, NY. They source a large portion of their grains from local farms in New York and Vermont and produce 100% organic flours.

100% activated grains

For superior nutrition