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Oh Hi, We're Jesha's Bakery

About Us

We are a small team with a love for high-quality grains, fermentation, and sustainable agriculture. By activating grains with traditional methods, we create foods that are designed to nourish us best. We source ancient and heritage varieties from the beautiful, lush fields of New York’s Finger Lakes Region and Lower Vermont. These areas are home to a growing movement led by independent farmers and millers who are working together to build an alternative food system. Through organic practices like no-till, cover cropping, and multi-year crop rotations, our farm partners are producing nutrient-rich food while increasing biodiversity, improving habitat for wildlife and pollinators, and building healthy topsoil. Our mission is to deliver the highest-quality foods with superior flavor, by combining locally sourced ingredients from a sustainable and climate-resilient farming system with traditional preparation techniques for optimal nourishment and health.

Activated Grains

We activated our grains through a slow, 24 hour natural fermentation with sourdough culture. This ancient process harnesses the power of beneficial microorganisms to transform grains for the better by unlocking vitamins and minerals, increasing the bioavilability of nutrients, and improving digestability.

A hand holding blades of grass in an open grain field.

Ancient & Heritage grains

We source grains from local organic farms in the northeast. Our farm partners use sustainable, soil-building practices to grow high-quality grains with exceptional flavor and nutrition. At Jesha’s Bakery, we focus on ancient and heritage grains because these varieties provide superior flavor and nutrition compared to their modern relatives. These drought-resistant and stress-tolerant grains are also well suited to the Northeast, and each crop adds resiliency and health to the agroecosystems they’re apart of.

Regional Grain Economy

We’re passionate about supporting a regional grain economy because we believe that grains are the foundation of a resilient, decentralized, and sustainable local food system. One-hundred percent of the flour we source comes from two local mills in upstate New York: Farmer Ground Flour in Trumansburg, NY, and Champlain Valley Milling in Willsboro, NY.

100% activated grains

For superior nutrition